Plein Air

Plein Air Painting has no equivalent in terms of the peacefulness and solemnity involved in painting on location. There is a deep sense of being a part of where you are and the work you are doing. There are challenges in capturing the light and color of an ever changing scene: The atmosphere of the location changes within a few hours.

The location sets the stage for the painting, whether it is completed in one session or several. There are those occasions when you are able to return to a location and find the light and color to be similar to a previous session and you can continue to work on a piece started earlier.

Field studies of a location or a small finished piece provide great reference for a larger version of the same or similar piece. The light and color captured in the smaller maquette can be invaluable when creating a larger view.

The more time spent on a location the more likely the feeling of color and place can be replicated in the studio as required using a field study, smaller painting and some photo reference for accuracy of detail in architecture and place.